5 Reasons why your website should have terms and conditions

01 03 2016

If your business is online, terms and conditions are a must. They are an electronic contract that is legally binding between you and your customers. Specifically they gov

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Domain Name Investing and Changes for .au

28 02 2016

Internet pioneer, innovator and CEO/Founder of Uniregistry Frank Schilling recently visited us in Australia. During his interview with Chris Burgess on behalf of DnTrade

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How to get your business online with domain name basics

25 02 2016

It’s no secret that in today’s tech savvy world, businesses need an online presence. But to those who are not tech literate, the web can be a mystifying world. How do

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How to use trademark and registered trademark symbols

19 02 2016

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the ™ symbol and the ® symbol? If you are using them, are you using them correctly? Establishing a strong brand i

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GTLDs and Trade Marks

09 02 2015

The internet is arguably the most essential tool for businesses to attract, retain and inform potential and existing consumers, and it is increasingly important for busin

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Remote Access Recommendation

22 09 2014

New recommendations looking into Victorian counter-terrorism laws could see police investigators given the power to add, delete or copy data from target computers, if the

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