ICANN approved .melbourne GTLD

13 05 2013

Global internet regulator ICANN has announced that it has now approved the new GTLD .melbourne, making it one of the first new Australian GTLD applications to be approved

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ICANN holds prioritisation draw for new GTLDs

19 12 2012

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has completed its prioritisation draw for new GTLD (top level) domains. The draw will determine the order for

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ICANN Announces New GTLD Applications

14 06 2012

ICANN has today published the list of new GTLD applications, in the shadow of a process that was plagued with embarrassing IT failures. There were 1930 applications from

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Keeping it clean: trade mark owners and .xxx domains

11 07 2011

In September 2011, the adult industry will get its own internet ‘red light district’ when the new .xxx top-level domains become available for registration. ICM Reg

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ICANN Approves New GTLDs

20 06 2011

The ICANN Board meeting in Singapore, today approved the expansion of top level domain names. The vote means that applicants may now seek to create their own domain na

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ICANN Releases new GTLD Applicant Guidebook

19 04 2011

ICANN has released the eagerly awaited revised draft of the Applicant Guidebook for new GTLDs. This draft document has been released for public comment. As part of its

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Chinese and .xxx domain names approved

26 06 2010

The ICANN Board has just approved the release of new IDN ccTLD domain names, while at the same time allowing for the creation of the controversial .xxx domain names. T

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Non latin domain names make debut

12 05 2010

ICANN has announced that domain names will now appear in Arabic Script, as part of the move to non-latin domain names. Since November of last year ICANN has received 2

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ICANN given green light to dominate

01 10 2009

After an 11 year process, ICANN has signed a historic agreement with the US Department of Commerce, which affirms its role as the supreme manager of the global domain nam

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99.7% drop in Domain Tasting

14 08 2009

ICANN has just announced that since changes implemented in June 2008, Domain Tasting has dropped a massive 99.7%, which effectively spells the end of the practice. Dom

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