Did you know that copyright law is at the heart of software licensing? If there was no such thing as copyright, people could duplicate most software at will. But copyright law says ‘no’ to that, and gives a bundle of exclusive rights to the copyright owner. Those are the rights we need to deliver to a licensee, in whole or part, exclusively or not, perpetually or not, conditionally or not, in a good software licence.

Cooper Mills specialises in software licences that are in clear language, cover all your required uses, aren’t full of irrelevant waffle and place clear boundaries around the stakeholders’ rights and obligations.

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  • Shrinkwrap and clickwrap licences
  • Short form licensing
  • Broad use and commercialisation licences
  • Impact of open source components on licensing
  • Self-terminating licences
  • Packaged software licenses;
  • Clickwrap software licenses;
  • Software licenses for Web Apps;
  • Software licenses for Mobile Apps;
  • Software licences for SaaS;

Licensing isn’t just a vendor issue. Purchasers, called licensees in this area of law, need to ensure that the licence granted to them covers all their commercial requirements. Cooper Mills can help licensees to identify and cure gaps in the licences offered to them by software copyright owners.

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