Trademark registration

Your brand is the most crucial aspect of your business’ ability to thrive and, in today’s global, competitive market, protecting your brand is more important than ever. Registering a trademark not only protects your business or innovation from being stolen or misused, it also gives you an asset that can be licensed and sold.

As a leading Australian boutique intellectual property firm, Cooper Mills has the expertise and practical experience to develop and then implement a trademark strategy that safeguards your brand, your intellectual property, and your investment. We make sure you and your trademark are completely protected, so any profits derived from your asset end up in your back pocket.

What you can trademark

Essentially, you can register any mark that separates your business, product or innovation from another. A mark can be a whole range of things, including words, logos, shapes, colours, sounds and scents. The most important aspect of trademarking is protecting anything that is specific to your business only, anything that distinguishes your business from all others.

How you benefit from trademark registration

Trademark registration offers a range of benefits, both for you and your company. Registering your mark:

  • Turns your brand or mark into a valuable asset, so it can be sold, licensed or even franchised.
  • Means your brand or mark will be recognised nationally.
  • Gives you the right to object to the importation of goods that carry the same, or similar, mark as your registered trademark. Counterfeits can be stopped at the border by asking customs to cease the infringing goods.
  • Gives you a legal advantage over local competition, by allowing you to prevent other people from using your trademarked asset for their business.
  • Protects your asset for ten years (at which point you can register for another ten years), giving you long-term peace of mind and protection. And, so long as you keep paying the renewal fees, your trademark will protect your asset forever.

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Our trademark registration services

We can take care of the entire trademark registration process, from start to finish, including:

  • Conducting an extensive search to ensure your mark won’t infringe on any existing registered marks.
  • Developing a trademark strategy tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Preparing and filing all applications, and managing all Trademark Office queries.
  • Dealing with any objections raised by the Trademark Office.

Why choose Cooper Mills for your trademark

  • We’re experts in our field: Clients choose Cooper Mills because of our expertise and practical commercial experience. When it comes to trademark registration, we’ve seen and done it all before, from national and regional trademark registration through to international filing.
  • We add value: Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business. We’ll work with you to determine the best coverage for your trademark.
  • We get to know you: We spend time getting to know your business inside and out. That way, we can recommend a trademark solution tailored specifically for your needs, a solution that delivers value.
  • We hate legal jargon: We’re all about plain English, and are always happy to explain anything that isn’t crystal clear.
  • Size doesn’t matter: We’re more than happy to provide trademark advice to anyone—established, big businesses through to one-man start-ups.
  • Our range of trademark services is second to none: Alongside our services in trademark registration, our expert team provides a comprehensive range of other trademark services. With Cooper Mills on your team, you can rest assured of a quality end-to-end transaction.

Our other trademark services include:

Need an expert law firm you can trust to help with registering a trademark?

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