The protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights is a fundamental part of any brand protection strategy. Trademark rights give you exclusive rights, and the value of those rights can often only be fully exploited through the enforcement of them through the Courts.

Whether you are protecting your trademarks from infringement, or challenging a Trademarks Office decisions in the Courts, decisive and expert trademark litigation advice is essential.

Cooper Mills have extensive experience in the Federal Court and regularly represent brand owners and respondents alike.

Our experienced IP litigation team can assist with all aspects of trademark and intellectual property litigation including:

  • Provide strategic advice on the enforcement of rights and brand protection;
  • Prosecuting and defending trademark infringements;
  • Seeking urgent relief through the Courts including injunctions and seizure orders;
  • Prosecuting and defending Australian Consumer Law and passing off claims;
  • Prosecuting and defending trademark revocation actions;
  • Advising and prosecuting appeals of Trademarks Office decisions;
  • Advising and representing clients in mediations and alternate dispute resolution processes;

Our other trademark services include:

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