Trademark monitoring gives trademark owners’ early warning of other similar trademarks that may be filed with the Trademarks Office. Shortly after a trademark application is filed with the Trademarks Office our monitoring service notifies owners.

Trademark monitoring serves as a proactive brand protection tool.

There are two forms of trademark monitoring:

  • General Monitoring – This type of monitoring is one where a particular trademark or keyword is specified, so that once a new trademark application is filed which matches a trademark or keyword (or similar trademark or keyword), you are notified shortly after. This will enable to you have early warning
  • Opposition Monitoring – Often brand owners become aware of competitors or other trademark applicants who file similar marks. Being alerted to these filings and their progress through the Trademarks Office enables a brand owner to plan ahead, particularly when filing for a trademark opposition. This can be critical with limited time frames of 2 months in which to oppose a trademark once acceptance has been advertised.

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