Our extensive experience in seeking and obtaining trademark registrations extends to jurisdictions outside of Australia as well. International trademark registrations are an essential part of any brand protection strategy, especially in markets where a trademark is likely to be used.

There are two ways in which international trademark applications can be made:

  • Madrid Protocol Applications – The Madrid Protocol allows applicants for Australian trademarks file an application in any other country which is part of the protocol, for example China, New Zealand, USA, UK, Singapore, and Japan. The Madrid Protocol also enables Australian trademark applicants the ability to obtain retrospective protection from the Australian filing date, where the Australian trademark application was filed within 6 months of the international application.
  • Direction National Filing – A direction national filing is a direct trademark application within each country in which protection is sought, this is sometimes the only way in which trademark protection may be obtained in some jurisdictions.

Cooper Mills has an extensive network of international law firms it has alliances with, which gives our client’s international reach, all with the convenience of dealing with a trusted Australian adviser.

Our experienced trademark registration team can assist with all international trademark registrations including:

  • Providing strategic advice and guidance on an international brand protection strategy;
  • Prosecuting international trademark applications through Madrid Protocol countries;
  • Prosecuting direct trademark applications in most international jurisdictions;

Our other trademark services include:

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