The telecommunications industry has to deal with a long list of laws and regulations. It can be overwhelming if you don’t have access to advice from experts who know the territory.

Depending on your industry role, you and your staff may need to meet the requirements of:

  • The Telecommunications Act
  • Carrier licensing conditions
  • The Australian Consumer Law
  • The Competition and Consumer Act
  • The ‘single price’ advertising law
  • The Data Retention Law
  • The Telecommunications Numbering Plan
  • The Copyright Safe Harbour law
  • The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code
  • Interception capability requirements
  • The Number Portability codes
  • The Do Not Call Register Act
  • The Spam Act
  • The Telemarketing and Research Calls Industry Standard
  • The Unsolicited Consumer Agreements / Cooling Off laws
  • The Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles
  • TIO policies
  • And a host of other standards, codes and laws.

Cooper Mills can help you understand, prioritise and comply with telco industry and general business laws. Because we talk and write in clear English, and focus on knowledge transfer, we help our clients to develop in-house capability to handle most regulatory issues themselves.

To support management and staff training, we offer:

  • High quality, clear compliance guides
  • Compliance checklists for key activities and processes
  • Information bulletins about new developments
  • Engaging live seminars
  • Audiovisual training materials, customised if required
  • An online expert resource for understanding and implementing the Code.

They say that an ounce of prevention is better than pound of cure, and when it comes to telco legal compliance, we agree with that. Cooper Mills can act as your trusted compliance partner.

Our other telecommunication services include:

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