The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code 2012 is the biggest legal change in the retail telco sector since the introduction of the TIO. Ninety pages of rules with over 1,000 specific compliance line items was a huge challenge to the industry. Cooper Mills is the leading law firm in assisting service providers to comply with the Code.

Our TCP Code compliance services include:

  • An online expert resource for understanding and implementing the Code
  • Comprehensive Code compliance checklists for each chapter of the Code
  • Template Critical Information Statements, Complaint Handling Policy summaries, Financial Hardship Policies and other key Code documents
  • Custom advice on how the Code affects different kinds of service provider
  • Code compliance in-house seminars
  • Information bulletins about Code developments and the ACMA’s enforcement initiatives.

The only practical way to manage your TCP Code compliance effort is to prioritise its requirements in the right way. Cooper Mills will help you to understand which Code requirements matter the most, so you can minimise your risk and your Code compliance costs.

Our other telecommunication services include:

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