Cooper Mills take every reasonable step to help our clients avoid litigation, because it’s rarely a preferred solution to a dispute. But sometimes litigation is unavoidable, and we have rare expertise in guiding our clients through it.

What should you look for in technology litigation lawyers?

  • Extensive experience in commercial litigation generally, because technology litigation is a special instance of that
  • Demonstrated ability to gain a deep understanding of the technologies and issues involved
  • Expertise in translating technology concepts into terms that barristers, judges and non-expert witnesses can understand
  • Strategic thinking – will these lawyers explore innovative ways to advance your case and promote early resolution?
  • A commercial approach – can these lawyers help you to deal with the dispute and its resolution with a practical approach?

Cooper Mills ticks all the boxes. We’re not techies, but we live and breath technology. We’ve acted inventors of innovative hardware in a long running IP dispute, telcos in complex technical billing disputes, and all sorts of other tech businesses that have run into issues with IP, licensing, contract performance and competitor relations.

Our other technology law services include:

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