Protect Your Brand and Your Ideas With Trademarking

In this time of fast information sharing and cheap manufacturing, businesses with great ideas are under constant threat from people who want to take advantage of their hard work.

At Coopers Mills, we’ve got the experience to not only give you all of the right Trademark protections you need but also can advise and defend you should your intellectual property come under attack.


Comprehensive Trademark Advice For Your Business, Large or Small

Building up valuable branding, ideas and concepts takes a lot of time and money, something that other businesses may take from you if you don’t protect them properly.

Whether you run a small one-man ISP or a large international business, we can help you develop and implement a trademark strategy that not only safeguards your brand but also your investment in your business.

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Here are some of the main areas of Trademark Law that we can help you with

Trademark Registration

Registering a Trademark is one of the most important first steps in protecting what’s rightfully yours. With years of experience in investigating, advising and applying for Trademarks on behalf of our clients, we’re ready to help you get the protections you need for your brand and ideas.

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Trademark Opposition

We help you defend oppositions filed against your newly awarded Trademarks as well as object when you believe other Trademarks are infringing on your existing ones.

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Trademark Litigation

Enforcing your Trademark rights sometimes goes as far as a Federal Court in situations where there is strong opposition (despite you being ‘in the right’). We’re highly experienced at fighting for your rights in Court should the need arise.

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Trademark Monitoring

We monitor new Trademark registrations to ensure that you’re well informed of filings that match a trademark or keyword (or similar). This means you can proactively file new ones to stay ahead or quickly oppose the ones that infringe on your existing Trademarks.

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Trademark Portfolio Management

Having a number of trademark protections for your business is a good strategy, however without regular monitoring, auditing and management, you could be under-protected.

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Trademark Renewal

Paying careful attention to the renewal dates of your Trademark portfolio is vital so that none of your protections lapse. We take full responsibility for your renewals so you can always be at ease.

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Trademark Licensing & Assignment

We have extensive experience in helping Trademark owners make the most of their Trademarks through licencing, franchising and assignment of rights.

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International Trademark Registrations

We can handle all of your International Trademark registration needs so that you can expand overseas or simply widen your brand protection.

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Trademark Searching and Clearance

A thorough, professional trademark search and clearance is vital to ensuring that your proposed trademark won’t face obstacles in being approved. We know exactly what to look for and what to proceed with.

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What our clients say

For over 10 years, Cooper Mills have guided me to ensure my business is safe from imitators trading with my brand. Not only do Cooper Mills have the expertise in trademark law, they are extremely professional, responsive to our needs and explain legal jargon in plain English! I highly recommend the Cooper Mills team for businesses who seek a value added legal service above and beyond traditional advisors.

Craig McDonald | CEO and Founder MailGuard Pty Ltd

After going back and forth trying to get my trademark completed I came across Cooper Mills. What they did was take hold of the reins and get everything sorted for one flat fee. A seamless process when dealing with them!

David Wilson | Owner | Founder - Block78

Erhan and his team have helped enormously by protecting certain domain name assets with trademarks. Erhan’s detailed understanding of domain names (in Australia and abroad) is second to none and he has been involved in many of my transactions. Highly recommend Erhan and Cooper Mills.

Shaun McGowan | Co-Founder -

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