Website terms are often one of the most important safe guards between a website operator and potential legal claims. With a massive increase in ecommerce transactions many retailers now find the web as one of the primary source of sales, while online communities and forums have grown over the past 15 years.

Website terms are often your terms of trade which regulate the legal relationship between you and people who use your website. Having website terms which address your areas of risk and exposure are essential.

Do your current website terms:

  • Identify you properly?
  • Specifically relate to the actual nature of your site?
  • Place effective contractual limits on the use readers can make of your material?
  • Protect your intellectual property?
  • Make sense under the local laws that apply in your major markets?
  • Effectively limit your liability?
  • Obtain the full range of consents that your business may need under privacy and direct marketing laws?
  • Make clear sense?
  • Portray your business as professional and well organised?

When Cooper Mills create website terms, we take care of all that and more. We’ve been doing it for twenty years, since long before most law firms heard of the Internet.

We draft website terms for all sorts of websites including:

  • Ecommerce Websites;
  • Forums and Blogs;
  • Services Websites;
  • Security Websites;

Our other technology law services include:

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