The National Broadband Network is changing the face of Australian communications retailing. The generation of service providers that relies on copper-based infrastructure to deliver fixed line and data services to the business and residential markets needs to get on board the NBN sooner rather than later.

If a provider has a business case for direct connection to the NBN, they’ll want to negotiate a wholesale supply agreement. While the document is standard form in many respects, it’s sometimes possible to negotiate variations (which then flow through to other NBN customers) where appropriate.

In some key areas, like financial security, there’s more scope for discussion with NBN. Tying up resources in excessive security can limit your ability to operate and grow.

Even if a service provider can accept NBN’s standard terms, it needs to understand what those terms mean. You can’t comply with a long and complex document that’s unclear to you.

Cooper Mills can guide you through the NBN contracting process, help you to understand what the documents mean, advise where negotiating may be possible and create end user documentation that accurately reflects your upstream commitments to NBN.

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