When litigation is the only way left to resolve a dispute, a telco needs lawyers who:

  • Have extensive experience as commercial litigators
  • Protect your interests, including always being on the lookout for a chance of early and satisfactory resolution
  • Are strategic and creative
  • Really understand the issues involved, and their special telco dimensions
  • Communicate in clear English
  • Care about your business and the outcome of your case.

Cooper Mills team members have over thirty years of litigation experience and over twenty years in telco law. That’s why we’re the right choice in telco litigation.

We can help you in:

  • Billing disputes that have gone out of control
  • Termination disputes
  • Disputes about contract interpretation
  • Regulatory proceedings with the ACCC and ACMA
  • General commercial disputes arising in the telco context
  • Alternative avenues of dispute resolution like mediation and expert determination.

Talk to us whenever a difficult issue begins to turn into a bigger dispute. Where possible, we’ll guide you on resolving the matter without direct legal intervention. And if the other party insists that litigation is the only way, we’ll guide you through that.

Our other telecommunication services include:

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