Time and again, studies show that failed technology projects and procurements are associated with inadequate documentation. Whether you’re developing new software or taking space in a data centre or implementing a new CRM system, the right legal documentation will improve outcomes by accurately specifying the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders, defining the deliverables, ensuring that all intellectual property ends up in the right hands, unambiguously detailing charging and payment arrangements and allocating responsibility for mishaps and setbacks.

Cooper Mills have decades of experience in designing, drafting and negotiating technology agreements. Our people have:

  • Documented a complex data centre relocation project for the State of Victoria
  • Supported a major open source project with innovative teaming agreements
  • Drafted a comprehensive suite of standard technology procurement contracts for an ASX listed company
  • Developed a full suite of customer contracts for a leading data centre
  • Created technology sharing and cooperation agreements for a group of allied companies
  • Supported software development projects with best-of-breed contractor documentation
  • Advised a hardware designer and manufacturer on international distribution agreements.

Because our team lives and breathes technology, we get inside the projects and problems our clients bring to us. Because we listen carefully, think creatively and write clearly, a Cooper Mills technology contract makes sense to the stakeholders and helps them to work together more effectively.

Our other technology law services include:

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