State of the .au Domain Industry

22 10 2014

Did you know that there are almost 3 million .au domain names currently registered? These statistics are among those released in the “Behind the Dot, The State of the .

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Competition Review Paper Released

29 09 2014

A draft report by the panel examining whether Australia’s competition policy is ‘fit for purpose’ has been released. The report, chaired by Professor Ian Harper, co

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Remote Access Recommendation

22 09 2014

New recommendations looking into Victorian counter-terrorism laws could see police investigators given the power to add, delete or copy data from target computers, if the

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Thank goodness for good faith

09 04 2014

Case note on Australian Postal Corporation v Digital Post Australia [2013] FCAFC 153 In the first instance In 2012, Australia Post, the Applicant, issued proceedings in

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New Privacy Laws Take Effect

12 03 2014

A sweeping change in privacy laws take place with effect from today. The changes will see the introduction of new Australian Privacy Principles known as APPs, which regul

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Australian Trade Mark Process

10 03 2014

Cooper Mills is proud to launch a short trade mark process video to help you understand the Australian TradeMark Process. The simple process is easy to follow and is focu

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New GTLDs for brand owners

09 02 2014

The internet is arguably the most essential tool for businesses to attract, retain and inform potential and existing consumers, and it is increasingly important for busin

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PPSR Grace Period Nearing End

20 01 2014

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) online register was introduced on 30 January 2012. As part of its introduction a 2 year grace period was granted to enabl

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Trademark battle over the shape of Kit Kats

19 01 2014

Confectionery giants Cadbury and Nestle are locked in a battle over, Nestle's attempt to trademark the shape of the humble Kit Kat Chocolate bar. The case was being hear

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A Beginners Guide to the Trademark Clearinghouse

18 01 2014

Trademark law can be highly complex and difficult to navigate. Combine trademark law with the release of new GTLD domain names, and you have significant brand protection

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