ACMA cracks down on compliance with TIO Scheme

31 03 2009

ACMA issues formal warning to Canberra ISP for failing to comply with the TIO Scheme. The ACMA have issued a formal warning to ByteCard, a Canberra ISP who was allage

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The New Mobile Premium Services Code

23 03 2009

Over recent weeks, debate over shonky Premium Services operators has intensified, to the point where there have been public exchanges between the ACCC and CommsAlliance o

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Westpac told: 'Do not call'

16 03 2009

The ACMA today announced that it has issued a formal warning to Westpac for breaches of the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 ('DNCRA'). The ACMA reported that Westpac was

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Google launches interest based advertising

12 03 2009

Google has announced the beta launch of  'interest based' advertising on their partner sites and YouTube. Will this lead to better advertising ? Interest based advert

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New Use and Disclosure Exceptions

04 03 2009

In the shadow of the Victorian bush fires, regulations create a new exception to the use and disclosure offences under Part 13 of the Telecommunications Act 1997. Part

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End of an era: Twomey resigns

03 03 2009

Paul Twomey CEO and President of ICANN yesterday announced that he would not be seeking to renew his contract with ICANN, at the expiration of its term this year, and wil

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New York follows Kentucky

02 03 2009

According to the Internet Commerce Association (ICA), the US State of New York has incorporated computers within the definition of gambling devices, in a pre-emptive move

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