New York follows Kentucky

02 03 2009

According to the Internet Commerce Association (ICA), the US State of New York has incorporated computers within the definition of gambling devices, in a pre-emptive move to avoid legal uncertainty over the definition of ‘gambling device’ in its own gaming laws.

According to the ICA:

The bill, A. 3079, would add a computer used for illegal gambling to the Penal Law’s definition of a “gambling device”.

These changes have been prompted by the long running 141 Domain Names case in Kentucky, that we have eagerly been following. As we reported in our last post on this case, the State of Kentucky had ‘appealed the appeal’ after losing.

Cooper Mills IT Lawyers are in close contact with the ICA who was fortunate enough to be heard by the Court, in the interests of its members, even though it was not directly a party to the proceeding. We hope to bring you more on this case as soon as there are further developments.

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