.au Domain Names: Direct Registrations All You Need to Know

10 03 2022

Businesses will soon have access to a greater choice of domain names. As of 24 March 2022 at UTC 0:00, .au direct registration domain names—such as test.au and brillia

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Cybersquatting at an all time high: Says WIPO

19 03 2018

The latest World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) statistics reveal that the number of domain name disputes have continued to climb to record heights, with 3,074

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Generic Trademarks Elliot v Google

05 06 2017

Google has fought off an attempt to have their trademarks for ‘GOOGLE’ cancelled in the United States after a 3.5 year long court battle. In 2012, Chris Gillespie

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Cybersquatting Scorecard

03 04 2017

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has released the latest statistics on cybersquatting cases filed in 2016. Cybersquatting is the practice of bad fai

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What is Reverse Domain Name Hijacking ?

19 07 2016

The term Reverse Domain Name Hijacking or RDNH is becoming more prevalent as the cost and availability of valuable domain names makes them less attainable. What is Rever

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Can foreigners register .au domain names ?

11 07 2016

Over the past few years there has been a greater interest in the purchase and or registration of .au domain names by non-Australians. The good news is that auDA Policy al

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auDA to implement direct registrations for .au

18 04 2016

auDA (.au Domain Administration Ltd), Australia's domain name regulator has today announced that it will allow direct registrations under .au. Currently, all domain na

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Domain Name Investing and Changes for .au

28 02 2016

Internet pioneer, innovator and CEO/Founder of Uniregistry Frank Schilling recently visited us in Australia. During his interview with Chris Burgess on behalf of DnTrade

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How to get your business online with domain name basics

25 02 2016

It’s no secret that in today’s tech savvy world, businesses need an online presence. But to those who are not tech literate, the web can be a mystifying world. How do

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Patent, trademark or copyright: are you protected?

23 01 2016

Believe it or not, many business owners spend countless hours in developing intellectual property (known as ‘IP’) such as brands, processes, documents and product dev

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