The New Mobile Premium Services Code

23 03 2009

Over recent weeks, debate over shonky Premium Services operators has intensified, to the point where there have been public exchanges between the ACCC and CommsAlliance over the adequacy of the industry response.

The latest shots in the debate were fired by ACCC Chairman Graeme Samuels after he criticised the new CommsAlliance C637:2009 Mobile Premium Services Code as not providing enough safeguards for consumers.

In response the CommsAlliance shot back at Mr Samuels criticisms by claiming that the new Code contained:

….a number of other significant consumer protections built into this Code and we anticipate it will soon be registered with the Australian Communications and Media Authority so consumers can begin realising its benefits

The argument has over shadowed what is a very important and timely industry response to the growing issues with shonky premium service operators.

As Telecommunications Lawyers we can only wait to see the impact of the Code, and whether it will go far enough to keep the rogue operators  in check.

We hope to bring you a more detailed review of the Code shortly, what this space!

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