Three reasons to protect your brand with a Trademark

16 09 2015

In today’s competitive marketplace, if you don’t register your trademark then your competitors can. A trademark gives you the right to stop others from using your brand. In fact, you can protect features that make your brand unique such as a shape, smell, word or logo. Most importantly, a trademark gives you the right to take legal action against others who infringe your brand.

Here are 3 reasons why you should protect your brand with a trademark:


Consider the impact to your business if you had to suddenly change your business name? The cost to your bottom line and reputation can be devastating. If your brand is unregistered, you can be prevented from operating your business as you may be infringing someone else’s trademark.


A trademark gives you exclusive rights to use, license and sell your brand in Australia. This means that in addition to your own use, you can charge a license fee and authorize others to use your trademark. Above all, a trademark is an asset that can be sold. Remember, the more successful your brand, the more valuable your trademark.


A trademark protects your business from unauthorized use that can harm your brand, reputation and business. Which means you have a right to stop others using your trademark in the categories it’s registered in.

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