3 Things To Help Get the Most From Your Trademark

28 01 2016

In 2014 there were over 64 000 trademarks filed with IP Australia. Which means that many business owners are seeking to protect their most valuable asset – their brand. Furthermore a trademark is an important marketing tool, particularly as your business grows and becomes more successful.

Here are 3 things you should do once you have successfully registered your trademark:

Show the ® symbol

This puts your competitors on notice that you have exclusive legal rights to use your trademark for the goods and services it is registered for. Not to mention the right to take legal action against others who infringe your brand.

Register with Australian Customs

As the owner of a registered trademark you can register it with Australian Customs. This process allows Australian Customs to seize imported goods that infringe your trademarks.

Observe the market

You should be aware of new and existing trademarks, which may be similar to yours being used by competitors. Take advantage of IP Australia’s free online database and check for new trademark lodgments in the categories you are registered in. You’ll also find professional ‘watching services’ that can do this job for you as well.

Remember, your trademark is a valuable business asset. Since it is your responsibility to protect it, be proactive and stay ahead of your competitors.


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