5 Reasons Why You Should Register Your Trade Mark

22 02 2012

The process of applying for registration of your trade mark, and obtaining registration of your trade mark has many advantages over non-registered trademarks, including:

  1. registration of your trade mark can be obtained by you even if you haven’t used the trade mark – an intention to use is enough to obtain registration;
  2. it is not necessary to prove the existence of a reputation in the registered trade mark in order to stop others from using it;
  3. the TradeMark Register provides a simple mechanism by which other traders (or consumers) can see whether a monopoly is claimed by you over the use of your mark for particular goods or services;
  4. the application process provides a simple mechanism by which you can determine whether your proposed use of your mark will likely infringe another’s registered trade mark;
  5. you can give a notice to the Australian Customs Service, objecting to the importation of goods which infringe your registered trade mark.

Cooper Mills Trade Mark Lawyers can offer you advice and assistance in all trade mark related matters including registrations and oppositions.

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