ACMA approves the 2012 TCP Code from 1 September 2012

11 07 2012

ACMA has just announced that the new 2012 TCP Code will be registered, and will come into force on 1 September 2012.

This is a big deal for telco operators.  ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman made the point in his media release:

This is … important … as the code will apply to every service provider in Australia. Compliance with the code is no longer an option. The ACMA obviously stands ready to use its powers of investigation and enforcement if participants choose not to comply with these new code obligations (which include an obligation to report their compliance performance to the industry’s new compliance monitoring body, Communications Compliance.)

Before 1 April 2013, every service provider’s CEO (or near equivalent) will need to provide written certification that their organisation complies with the 89 pages of rules in the new Code.  It’s going to be a challenging seven months.  But whether it’s painful or relatively simple will depend on how organised we all are.

To help, we’ve set up a site at, where you’ll find a growing library of resources and commentary.  I also attach a copy of our TCP Code Compliance Calendar that alerts you to the important dates along the compliance timeline.

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