auDA rolls out DNSSEC

27 08 2010

.au name space to become more secure with the rollout of DNSSEC

Details of the rollout of Domain Names System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) in the .au domain name space have recently been released by the au Domain Administration (auDA).

Developed in conjunction with the .au registry operator, AusRegistry, the plan consists of a five stage process to introduce DNSSEC into the .au Top Level Domain (TLD) and second –level zones, including,, and

DNSSEC is a security extension that facilitates the digital signing of internet communications. Implementation of the plan hopes to see additional protection against a range of vulnerabilities.  AuDA CEO, Chris Disspain has said in an auDA announcement that “DNSSEC can provide an extra level of security to help ensure that Australian internet users will be directed to the website or service they expect to enter when they enter a domain name into their browser.

Implementation is scheduled to commence next month and allows for:

–          Experimentation and testing of core systems

–          The gradual signing of second level .au domains and the .au TLD

–          A trail implementation for .au domain registrants, and

–          Full protection rollout to registrants

A review to be undertaken by auDA’s independent Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC), chaired by professor Bill Caelli from the Queensland University of Technology, will be conducted at the end of each stage.

The fifth, and vital stage of the implementation plan will be the active encouragement of Australian ISPs and domain registrants to adopt DNSSEC. auDA believes that the Australian Government will play a significant role in delivering to the ISPs, the message about the importance of DNSSEC for the security of Australia’s internet infrastructure.

We will keep you updated as the implementation process rolls out.

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