Cooper Mills Bulletin on ACMA Crackdown

01 06 2011

The Australian Communications and Media Authority today foreshadowed six telco / ISP action areas it intends to address. While the six areas are described as ‘proposals’, ACMA is making it very clear that they will become law.

ACMA Chairman Chris Chapman is reported in today’s Age Online as follows:

Telcos will be given time to implement ACMA’s recommendations in their own self-regulatory industry codes but if they do not do so in a satisfactory way ACMA said it would force them to do so with new regulations.

The outcomes that we are seeking … are non-negotiable,” Mr Chapman said. There will be a six-week consultation period after which ACMA expects the industry to begin implementing its recommendations.

The die is cast, we’ve put it all out there in the report, the ‘guidance’ has been provided … the clock is ticking,” he said.

You can read more about in the Cooper Mills Telecommunications Law Bulletin.

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