Dodo in trouble again

08 05 2009

Dodo Australia Pty Ltd has been forced to give a Court enforceable undertaking to issue refunds customers and discount monthly plans, as a result of an ACCC investigation into misleading statements statements made by the Telco.

According to the ACCC, Dodo advertised free offer plans between October 2008 and March 2009 on both the television and its website. The ACCC also said:

The ACCC was concerned consumers were likely to have been misled or deceived by the advertisements which represented consumers would receive either of an Asus Eee PC, a fuel card or a cash payment (to their nominated account) for free or at no cost when they signed up to any one of the Free Offer Plans.

An investigation by the ACCC revealed Dodo offered other cheaper mobile cap plans (that did not include the free goods or cash) that were comparable (in included value and services) with the Free Offer Plans.  In some cases the monthly fee for those comparable mobile cap plans was up to $30 per month lower.

Customers on the following plans may have been affected, and ultimately may be eligible for discounts or refunds:

  1. ‘FREE $29.90 Mobility Cap Plan’,

  2. ‘FREE Fuel’ and

  3. ‘Cash Offer’ 24 month mobile cap plan offers

Dodo is not new to controversy, previously having received a wrap over the knuckles from both the ACMA and the ACCC for various alleged breaches of the law.

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