New website aims to increase online safety

23 07 2009

A new website has been launched by the Federal Government’s Australian Communications and Media Authority to help children and teenagers to have safe and positive experiences online.

The site – – provides comprehensive and practical advice for parents and interactive learning activities and information for children. Cybersmart also features guidance and a range of resources for libraries and schools.

The Acting Chairman of ACMA, Chris Cheah, said the Cybersmart site is about empowering Australian children and young people to be smart online and to become good digital citizens.

“Understanding how to navigate the online world safely is an important element in the development of digital literacy. By providing teachers and parents with clear, current and credible information about cyber safety, we assist them to develop in young people, the critical skills needed to stay safe online and get the most from their online encounters,” Mr Cheah added.

The website also includes an online helpline for young people who have had negative experiences online, such as cyber bullying. The helpline offers confidential advice and support from counsellors who are trained in listening to children and have expertise in cyber safety. Best of all the website has something for parents and teenagers, which are critical to effectively achieve the goals of the website.

The launch of the website raises the question of whether this website is a pre-cursor to the Government considering dropping its hugely unpopular internet filtering plans. Website like this one provide for a more considered solution to protecting children on the internet.

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