Privacy Awareness Week 2011

02 05 2011

Cooper Mills Lawyers is once again proud to partner with the The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to promote Privacy Awareness Week 2011.

Privacy Awareness Week was launched today, with the aim of encouraging people to exercise their privacy rights and to take steps to make sure their personal information is handled in accordance with the law.

As part of Privacy Awareness Week, The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has timetabled a week of events as follows:


Monday 2 May

  • Launch of Privacy Awareness Week, including launch of Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities social networking and privacy survey and animation
  • Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim speaks with Deborah Cameron 702ABC Sydney
  • Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim will join Victorian Privacy Commissioner Helen Versey at an event to discuss the use and disclosure of personal and health information, e-health and service delivery reform at the Victorian Department of Human Services. This presentation will be filmed and screened at regional offices in Geelong and Wangaratta during Privacy Awareness Week.

Tuesday 3 May

  • Australian Information Commissioner Professor John McMillan will launch Information Awareness Month 2011, a collaborative event between various bodies within the records, archives, library, knowledge, information and data management communities and now in its sixth year. The theme for IAM 2011 is Information overload: Finding the tree in the digital forest. Professor McMillan will also discuss Privacy Awareness Week.
  • Launch of 2011 privacy case notes

Wednesday 4 May

  • Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim will speak about privacy issues relating to marketers in new online channels including collection of personal information from public sources and online behavioural advertising at a Privacy Awareness Week cocktail event hosted by the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA)
  • Launch of online behavioural advertising FAQs

Thursday 5 May

  • Australian Information Commissioner Professor McMillan will address staff from the Department of Human Services about protecting privacy rights, handling personal information and Australian privacy law reform

Friday 5 May

  • Privacy Awareness Week 2011 wrap up

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