Privacy Policies Too Long

26 08 2013

In a recent review of website privacy policies, the Privacy Commissioner found that of the websites reviewed privacy policies averaged 2600 words, and accordingly were too long.

The Privacy Commissioner also found that:

  1. 83% of surveyed websites had issues in the following areas, ‘easy to find’, ‘easy to read’, ‘contacts for further information’, relevance and length.
  2. 50% of privacy policies were difficult to read;
  3. 65% of privacy policies contained information which was not relevant to the handling of personal information and potentially confusing.

New privacy laws are due to come into operating in approximately 8 months, and the Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim says that:

‘With only 8 months to go until new privacy laws commence, organisations should be looking at their privacy policies now to ensure they comply with the new requirements. Organisations need to focus on these requirements and be open and transparent about their privacy practices. This will give people a better understanding of how their personal information will be handled so that they can make an informed decision about doing business with the organisation.’

Now is a good time to review your website’s privacy policy and prepare for the introduction of the new Privacy Laws.

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