TIO claims success in Telco Campaign

24 08 2009

The TIO has claimed success in its ‘Connect Resolve’ campaign, with only a minor increase of 1.8% in complaints over the period of the campaign.

The Connect Resolve campaign which ran between January 2009 and June 2009, was targeted at the 10 largest Telco’s in Australia with the aim of having Telcos:

“….refocus on their customers’ experiences and the need to improve their customer service practices.”

Throughout the campaign:

….service providers received monthly data about their customers’ complaints to the TIO, as well as examples of consumer `voices’ so they could have a better understanding of which areas needed improvement, and further develop their customer service processes.

The minimal increase of 1.8% during the campaign was in contrast to a 46% increase in complaints for the same period last year.

The Ombudsman said that:

“The stabilisation shows that our collaborative approach with service providers has been effective, but they need to continue their efforts to prioritise customer service,”

It is commendable that the TIO has in this instance taken the cooperative approach, but this campaign is the exception rather than the rule. We are still receiving regular complaints from our clients about the lack of impartiality of the TIO, and the confrontational approach taken in ‘resolving disputes’.

According to Cooper Mills Lawyers, Director and Telecommunications Lawyer Erhan Karabardak:

If the TIO wants to seriously reduce complaints they should (in addition to these types of campaigns) impose a complaint fee, which would have a significant impact on a large number of complaints that are made in bad faith, and which are without merit.

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