Weekend Reading

30 03 2016

Can you believe it’s April already? Where has the first quarter of the year gone? It’s Friday so here are some interesting links from around the web this week. Have a good weekend.

PS. Don’t forget, if you live in NSW, Victoria, SA, Tasmania or the ACT to wind your clocks back an hour on Sunday.

Technology: How artificial intelligence is transforming the legal profession – one for the technology lawyer!

Lessons learned: Three lessons on innovation I learned during my 12 years at Apple

Small business: Welcome to the cash-free café: the future of payments for small business

Strategy: The mistake most businesses are making about digital

Lifestyle: Male model put through ‘real time travel torture test’ to prove suit durability

Security: Mattel nearly loses $3M to a classic phishing scam

Food: Gripes of the work-day lunchtime set

Advertising: This Porsche Magazine ad brings the 911 to life as a floating hologram

Marketing: How often should you ‘re-skin’ your company’s website

Social media: Instagram is changing its feed, but (calm down) not yet

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