Weekend Reading – 15 April

15 04 2016

Believe it or not but Tuesday was ‘Be Kind to Lawyers Day’.

We’ve reached the end of another week so here are this week’s interesting links from around the web. Have a good weekend.

Trademark law: (Legal) Moonshiner and University battle over rights to ‘Kentucky’. This one’s for the trademark lawyers.

Cars: These 2 words from a 100-year-old say everything about the power of Ferrari

Copyright law: Judge allows infringement claim over Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’

Online: Five critical tasks to complete before you launch your new website

Small business: Outsourcing odd jobs through the sharing economy

Privacy: What does shake-up of EU data laws really mean?

Intellectual Property: IP Australia’s IP Report 2016 was released

Travel: The 10 best luxury hotels in the world according to Mr and Mrs Smith

Just because: Finally, spontaneous dancing is no longer illegal in Sweden

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